Welcome to the MedConf 2015

The meeting place of the medical engineering experts


The medical engineering experts are meeting already for the seventh time from 14th October to 16th October 2014 in Munich to discuss and exchange about topical questions in software development of medical devices.

The MedConf has been established as the most important conference about medical engineering since 2008. Its unique feature is to handle only with software development and the system design of medical devices. The MedConf addresses sensitive issues like MPG, consequences of legal conditions by the EU or the FDA as well as techniques in software engineering. Besides the mentioned themes also current trends will be picked up and highlighted.

Several hundreds of participants are visiting the MedConf yearly. Besides its professional training the conference is very liked because of the networking options. The participants from the medical engineering sector have nowhere else the option to exchange with experts and other participants in such an uncomplicated way and stress-free atmosphere.