Interoperable and secure cloud solutions for medical technology with Azure for healthcare

The use of cloud technologies in a Software as Medical Device (SaMD) is a huge chance for medical-technology companies, but the way into the cloud is a big step from the traditional on-premise-business. Therefore, this requires new technological skills and leads to new challenges for manufacturers.

With the new Azure Healthcare APIs Microsoft offers tools, which enable manufacturers to implement cloud solutions for the healthcare sector efficiently and integrated with the Azure eco system. This talk provides an overview of the most important cornerstones of cloud architectures for healthcare solutions on Azure addressing the experiences of ZEISS Digital Innovation as an early adopter of the tools and services and the biggest challenges regarding security and compliance.

One important requirements on modern medical cloud solutions is the interoperability with other providers’ systems. That way the products can be easily and reliably integrated into the users’ application environment and they allow the implementation of complex and data-driven use cases. But, well-established standards like DICOM and HL7 are unsuitable for communication with cloud systems. Therefore, appropriate alternatives for medical cloud solutions are presented in this talk, especially DICOMweb and HL7 FHIR, and it is shown how they can be implemented efficiently and reliably.

Thereby, one of the biggest challenges for medical technology manufacturers is providing an appropriate security level for the processed data. If data is stored and processed in the native services of the cloud provider, the manufacturers and cloud provider both carry a common responsibility for the secure and compliant dissemination of these information. This talk shows, which technical and organizational standards Microsoft Azure assures and which actions manufacturer can take to ensure the security and compliance of their applications.


Was lernen die Zuhörer in dem Vortrag:

-    Requirements concerning cloud solutions for medical technology
-    Current technologies for medical cloud solutions
-    Solutions from Microsoft Azure for applications in the healthcare sector
-    Challenges for medical cloud applications
-    Best practices for security & compliance on Azure


Referenten: Leo Lindhorst, ZEISS Digital Innovation GmbH und Steven Borg, Microsoft

Leo Lindhorst is consultant for healthcare solutions at ZEISS Digital Innovation. He supports clients in the healthcare sector in planning and implementing their strategic digitalization projects supports them to define their technological strategy, the development of an appropriate solution architecture and the provision of agile development projects. He is specialized in medical cloud solutions due to his experiences in implementing healthcare platform solutions on Azure and AWS for several years.

Steven Borg is the Director of Medical Imaging in the Microsoft Health and Life Sciences division. His team ships the DICOM Service, part of the Azure Healthcare APIs, as well as provides services to support medical imaging AI and ML workflows.

Key Facts

Themengebiet: Cloud Technologie

Anspruch: Fortgeschrittene

Datum und Uhrzeit: 20. Oktober 2021, 15:15 bis 16:00

Raum: Madrid

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