AI supported Post market Surveillance of Medical Devices – using concrete use cases

According to MDR and IVDR, manufacturers are obliged to regularly monitor their products on the market. This includes a large number of activities and in particular the evaluation of a large number of different sources of data. The large amount and variance of data offers potential for the use of artificial intelligence. Using examples from practice, experiences with the supportive use of AI and the associated technical and regulatory challenges are to be brought closer to the audience.

Was lernen die Zuhörer*innen in dem Vortrag?

  • Kurze Zusammenfassung der PMS Anforderungen aus der MDR
  • Beispiele für den Einsatz von KI im PMS Prozess
André Metzger
André Metzger

André Metzger ist im IMS Team im Bereich Computer System Validierung bei der Dr. Regenold GmbH tätig. Im Team kümmert er sich um die korrekte...

Soundarya Palanisamy
Soundarya Palanisamy

Soundarya Palanisamy has several years of experience in the field of data science. She is specialized in machine learning, predictive modelling...

45 Minuten Vortrag


22. Oktober




KI in der Medizintechnik


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